The North Gulfport Community Land Trust

Preserving, Protecting and Revitalizing the Historic North Gulfport Community

The NGCLT Board and Staff recognize that we must focus over the coming years on three major campaigns: land acquisition, environmental awareness and protection, and community education.    

What is the North Gulfport Community Land Trust?

The North Gulfport Community Land Trust (NGCLT) is one of over 200 community land trusts (CLT) around the nation working to provide permanently affordable housing and community preservation. This is accomplished through the CLT’s ground lease and resale restriction. Community Land Trusts have been recognized nationwide as the best model for providing affordable housing for low and moderate-income individuals and families, because the subsidy that is used to make the purchase of the home affordable remains with the property in perpetuity, thus preserving the affordability forever.

Affordable housing is not all we do, though. In an effort to revitalize the North Gulfport community and address the immediate needs of community members, we have been working tirelessly on other projects on three major campaigns: land acquisition, environmental awareness and protection, and community education.


Land Acquisition

A community land trust owns land and holds it in perpetuity. It improves the land with affordable housing and any other developments necessary for community revitalization. The NGCLT has been and is in the process of acquiring scattered parcels of land throughout the North Gulfport community that it is developing with affordable housing and other projects to benefit the community.

Environmental Protection and Awareness

Anyone who knows Rose Johnson and the NGCLT knows that the wetlands come first. Rose has been fighting for the protection of her wetlands for decades, as these wetlands provide natural protection from hurricane flooding.

We have been very successful at organizing hundreds of community members from North Gulfport, along with outside help, in an effort to protect our precious wetlands. This would never be possible without our innumerable partners including Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights under the Law, Sierra Club, Mississippi Center for Justice, Gulf Restoration Network, and many, many more.

Community Education

 The NGCLT is dedicated to providing necessary education for its community, including opening a brand new Education Center.  Check out our Current Project page for more information about our current programs.