The North Gulfport Community Land Trust

Preserving, Protecting and Revitalizing the Historic North Gulfport Community

"In Katrina’s shadow, an entire community is fighting for survival..." 

Tricia Miller, After Katrina: Fighting to Survive, Shelterforce Magazine.


"What began as a good idea at last year’s tax sale has evolved into a community-based organization dedicated to increasing homeownership for African-American families in one of the poorest regions of the country..."

Tricia Miller, Crossing Muddy Waters: The Struggle to Preserve a Historic Neighborhood Along Mississippi's Coast, Shelterforce Magazine.


"When you have lost everything, says Ms. Rose, you know how truly home is where the heart is…"

Mia White, Black Herstory: Ms. Rose Johnson of Turkey Creek, Mississippi, Ms. Magazine.


"This land, vital to our people must be kept out of the hands of land speculators intending to make a quick dollar from our family heritage..."

Voices From The Margins: The Case of Turkey Creek and North Gulfport, MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


"After Katrina, people were not secure, people were lost in so many ways. I saw how important home is. You know, not just your four walls. This is a place for black people to protect themselves..."

Sierra Club Profile of Rose Johnson.


"The residents of North Gulfport are no strangers to hardship, and Johnson does what she can to serve them..."

Janisse Ray, Delta Defender: Stopping Developers with an "African Drumbeat."


 The Community Land Trust builds a Kaboom! playground - see pictures here.